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Maria Bennett states that “they are after all refugees fleeing the terror of Isis and as such a little compassion would not be amiss”.

I agree with her up to a good few points which are: Why is the majority (around about 90% according to some sources) of these ‘refugees’ fit young Muslim men? Where are the Christians and other religions that are being murdered by Daesh?

These men could be given guns and training and sent back to fight?

Also of concern is that the refugees are only refugees until they reach the first safe country, in this case Turkey, which incidentally is also a Muslim country (Saudi Arabia, Jordan and other Muslim countries in North Africa refuse refugees in case they are terrorists even though they are also Muslim countries), thereafter they are classed as illegal immigrants.

The irony of it all is that if it wasn’t for Bush, Blair and Cameron getting rid of Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi this terrible mess in the Middle East would never have happened.

What are the western powers doing to protect the innocent? Very little that I can see apart from the odd drone attack now and again.

The worst of it all is that one of their leaders has stated that many of his terrorist soldiers are now in Europe mingling with these ‘refugees’.

I do feel sorry for the few women and children who have made it to safety but not the men who should be defending their homes by signing up with legitimate armies or even just taking up arms against the monsters that call themselves Isis.

Alan ‘The Quill’ Vincent, Penshaw