Political leaders been found out over Grenfell Tower

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Michael Dixon derides Mr Corbyn for calling himself a “Prime Minister in waiting”, he should really know that if Theresa May couldn’t get a majority in the commons then Mr Corbyn would be formally asked by the Queen to form a Government.

Mr Corbyn certainly hadn’t made overtures to the DUP and if the Labour Party has had in the past talked with the DUP then maybe the reason why nothing came to fruition was the demands of the DUP were unacceptable to them.

OK, during the campaign Mr Corbyn and Ms Abbot couldn’t remember some of the manifesto’s costings, but at least they had a manifesto – whereas we were told by the Tories to trust them till after the election.

Who could forget Mrs May stating that the drop in sterling had nothing to do with Brexit, or her scrapping of school dinners and replacing them with 7p (seven pence) breakfasts? Hammond stating that HS2 would cost £32billion not £52billions?

And, yes, Mr Carden, Grenfell Tower was built under a Labour government but by a Conservative Council who have since refurbished the tower on the cheap to allow them to save money and support the more wealthy residents with big council tax rebates.

The triple-entente of entitlement and hubris Mr Cameron, Mr Osborne and Mrs May have been well and truly found out.

John Lilburne