Police need more effective deterrents

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I would like to praise heroic police officer Pc Wayne Marques, who fought hard to protect the public from those maniacs on London Bridge the other week.

This brave chap went up against three knife waving morons armed with just a baton.

However, it is what he said in a recent interview that worries me quite a lot for today’s police force, and I quote: “I remember grabbing my baton with my right hand and I racked (extended) it. I took a deep breath and I just charged the first one (attacker). As I got near him I swung at him with everything I had as hard as I could, straight through his head, trying to go for like a knock-out blow. He heard the attacker yelp in pain.”

He heard the attacker yelp in pain?

I would like to know what sort of protection for a policeman is a baton?

For instance what material is used, hollow plastic as in a large straw? For it did not stop the attacker one little bit.

In the ‘good old days’ your actual Bobby was armed with a whistle and a good old-fashioned truncheon made of solid wood. Legend had it that some were hollowed out to pour lead into give it a bit more stopping power, which the police need nowadays by the looks of it.

So, I say, if we do not arm all police in this country during these turbulent times against the 3,500 known terrorists in this country, at least give them back the truncheon of olden days to give them at least a fighting chance.

Alan ‘The ‘Quill’