Poem: When I was young,part 2

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When I was young I walked to school

Dipped my pen in ink and had a 12 inch rule

The women stayed home and wore a pinny...

And the older folk called us young ones hinny

My mam made puddings boiled in a clout

And we had to eat all, or go without

Our bath was of tin and we waited our turn

To splash in used water while the open fired burned

My dad was a pitman, like most in the street

And a day at Seaham was a special treat

I’d collect the glass, my hoard of treasure

And explore the rock pools at my leisure

Every Easter I got new clothes

And for my long hair, some clips and bows

At Christmas we helped to put up the tree

And Santa put nuts in a sock for me

I lived in a pit cottage, up the downs

And earned pocket money with my paper round

The garden was huge and I loved to explore

Not in our garden but the one next door

Down the park my brother and me

Would jump in clarts or climb a tree

I was always told not to climb the pit heap

So I climbed it anyway to take a peek

I would go to the library which was full of books

And if I made a sound I got scowling looks

And every Saturday, frozen jubbly in hand

I went to the pictures and was in another land

Now I am an OAP

I am happy to have these memories

Of When I was young

Georgina Smith