PM must be firm with EU

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The more you read about the re-negotiating the terms of Britain’s membership of the EU, the more you realise it’s not going to happen.

For example, Mr Cameron’s hard stand on not giving migrants entering the UK benefits for four years, however according to Jean-Claude Juncker the European Commissioner, it will not happen.

Migrants will, according to a top British diplomat directly involved in the negotiations , says it will be matter to waiting weeks rather than years – stump down for Mr Cameron’s.

Of course. Mr Cameron’s stance is not being helped by his Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, who said these conditions were not only sensitive but difficult to achieve. Rubbing in the salt, he further ventured that treaty changes, such as automatic primacy of the UK Parliament and deals over the freedom of movement, were unlikely.

David Cameron has promised the British people that if treaty changes are not agreed then Britain will go all out for a Britxit. How staunch is he going to be?

Time will tell but Britain a has a right to protect its borders, it has the right to have a Parliament able to decide what is best for this country. We fought two world wars in order to protect our sovereign rights, and those of Europe.

Meanwhile the migration into Europe has taken another twist as migrants have landed at the British base in Cyprus. According to reports 100 migrants landed there on two rubber boats and now three days later they are still there, costing the British taxpayer millions because the Cypriote Government say as it is a sovereign base it is Britain’s responsibility to look after them.

Just how much more are we going to take being ordered about?

The British Government should act fast in order that no others are allowed to land. If that means sending forces to stop further landing then so be it. If no action is taken then it will only add to the gathering storm of internal unrest.

The Prime Minister will have to stop and listen to the British people and show more resolve in putting his case to a hard of hearing, uninterested audience that is the EU.

Coun George Howe,

Fulwell ward