“Planning nonsense” will cause congestion in St Mary’s Way

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Damage limitation to remedy the misalignment of St Mary’s Way is still possible if the remit of Siglion is amended to include a four lane road to connect St Mary’s Way to a new Wear Bridge to the Stadium of Light area.

There is already a road behind the Stadium of Light to Kier Hardy Way, the Millennium Way and Southwick Road leading to Newcastle Road, which complies with the sensible implementation of the “Blue route option for a new river Wear bridge.”

The repetitive claims by Sunderland’s council leader that the Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor (SSTC) actually improves the flow of traffic or in any way reduces the volume of, and congestion of traffic in the city centre are just not true. In fact the planning nonsense extends the congestion of traffic from the south end of the Wearmouth bridge to the roundabouts at each end of Silksworth Row, thereby more than doubling congestion where the south radial route traffic and the Docks traffic volumes merges with traffic from all other parts of the city.

R McQuillan,