People must decide their country’s fate

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When asked about the gas attacks on innocent civilians, Theresa May said it was highly likely it was on the orders of their president, Bashar al-Assad.

How would the words ‘highly likely’ stand up in a court of law? Exactly it wouldn’t, but it seems a good enough reason for Teresa to support Donald Trump in his desire to bomb more innocent people.

When George Bush and Mr Blair set about destroying Iraq, and Afghanistan in the process, they caused the the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians – not forgetting the loss of British soldiers,182 in Iraq and 452 in Afghanistan.

Bush and Blair have left both these countries in unrelenting chaos and turmoil. But that never deterred David Cameron from ordering the bombing of Libya.

Libya is now a failed state in a seemingly unending civil war.

Now it seems Theresa May is wanting a bit of the same, in Syria.

All those leaders mentioned spout on about democracy, yet they constantly try to interfere with the democratic rights of every foreign country.

As tyrannical as Assad, Gadaffi and Saddam Hussein are or were, it is, surely, the people from their respective countries to decide their fate not ours.

Ged Taylor