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With regard to Douglas Ambrose’s recent letters on cycling, I am a keen cyclist of many years and know the Highway Code does have rules for cyclists, but I’m afraid the majority of cars, vans, pedestrians and dog walkers seem to have little or no respect for us cyclists, or the Highway Code.

Along the seafront and Roker an area we often cycle along, this a is better area to pedal than most cycle routes, unless you come across the younger dog walkers who occupy both the pedestrian path and the cycle path. The owner is on one side the dog on the other with the extended lead straddling the two paths. The owner usually has head phones jammed in their lug holes, just so they can have a reason to ignore the cyclists bells, and the bins for the dog waste as those little black bags are scattered along the pathways.

Then there are the older ones who with or without dogs believe they own both the cycle and pedestrian paths. They walk in pairs one in each lane and the dog, if they have one, off the lead. They cop a deaf one to any cyclists bell and to their dogs that foul the paths.

And don’t get me started on the drivers.

Ged Taylor