Pavements in bad repair

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I noticed workmen have been replacing a flagstone in Albion Place outside the university but they didn’t deal with all the damaged paving and, of course, they haven’t replaced any in Vine Place on the city art block.

This block had more rocking and smashed flagstones than anywhere else. Recently, they removed some of the damaged ones and replaced them with Tarmac. Although it is now safer, it looks worse.

It was said that they would not replace this section with Tarmac.

This is part of the city and lots of people see it. Even when we don’t shop there, we walk along it to get to other places.

It should be either completely tarmacked or renewed with new flagstones. They wouldn’t treat the High Street like this. They are talking about spending money on new paving there ,yet it doesn’t need it.

Then I walked down to the next block – Vine Place – which is always covered in chewing gum and spilt drinks.

Next, I turned the corner into Crowtree Road where a man had the audacity to allow his husky to stand on the public seat opposite Debenhams. Nobody wants to sit next to a dog or sit where it’s had its paws or bottom.

I passed an empty building in Maritime Terrace and another in Blandford Street, all the time being careful with the loose block paving.

Then I went to the butchers and decided to just go home.

Name withheld