Parks are the right place for trees

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I agree with reader Victoria Frame (January 17) about trees having more rights than humans as far as the council is concerned.

Take Ford Estate, for example. The place has had problems for years with big, heavy branches falling off and, I believe, trees falling down. They are only yards from people’s houses and should not have been planted on a housing estate.

When tenants ask for a tree to be removed they are always knocked back and told that the tree is healthy, regardless of any damage it is doing. Some people’s homes display signs of subsidence, eg sunken gardens, cracks around the front door and paths, which the council has patched up. Some have internal damage consisting of long deep cracks that you can put a £2 coin between. These properties should have been underpinned long before now.

The paths can be a trip hazard because of the roots cracking the pavements open.

It is supposed to be flat paving but some places are like little hills.

Then there is all the mess from leaves from autumn onwards. This is even worse than it used to be because the council is not clearing the leaves and they are compacted on the pavement and often soggy.

Trees are for parks.

Name withheld