Parking costs are shocking

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Recently, I attended Sunderland Royal Hospital for an outpatient appointment and knew that I would have to pay for two hours parking.

As I had been several months ago, I had my£2.50 ready. However, on reaching the ticket machine found that the cost had risen to £3, a 20% increase. I, also, attend South Tyneside General Hospital where the charges are much lower.

As both hospitals use the same parking company, ParkingEye, I decided to compare charges between the two and was shocked at the result: Sunderland, £2 for one hour, S Tyneside, £1.20 and the same for each subsequent hour, a day ticket at STyneside is £3.60 but Sunderland charges £8 for four to 24 hours whereas, at STyneside £8.50 will buy a week ticket.

Margaret Alexander