Park is not a big dog toilet

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I really feel I must comment on the issue of dirty dogs.

I walk my daughter’s dog at Herrington Country Park, if he cleans himself I clean it up and put it in the bin provided.

Each day I use the park, I see more and more dirt being left, especially the entrance opposite the Tandoori. I think dogs are being taken there when it’s dark so as not to be seen.

The majority of dog owners are responsible people but it only takes a handful to spoil it, there are bins provided.

I heard someone was fined for letting their dogs’ foul. If the council really wanted to catch them staff should turn up when it’s dark and issue fines and name people.

A couple of weeks ago a young boy had two dogs, as soon as one of them started to foul he pulled his phone out and pretended to talk turning his back on his dog and letting it foul.

Furthermore if you see someone letting their dogs foul in the park, have a word with them and let them know they are being reported, or if in the street do not approach them but follow them home and get their address.

The problem is getting worse.

The country park is not a big dog toilet, it’s there to be enjoyed by people.

I just hope the culprits get their shoe in some and take in into their home.

Justice would be done.

George Worthington,