Our Royal family the envy of the world

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Having read Ged Taylor’s recent comments, I can only come to the conclusion that if he intended to invoke a reaction he has definitely achieved that objective.

This letter must have incurred a great deal of time, thought, research and preparation.

It is so easy to be gullible to articles published in the media these days and it is apparent that Ged reflects on recent comments purported to have been made by HRH Prince Harry. Whilst we are all entitled to opinion, one should not generalise or be naive to the notion that all members of the Royal family share that view.

In casting these comments, it is most doubtful whether Ged has conducted a nationwide survey necessary to conclude that the majority of this country would love to see the back of the Royal family.

Let me remind him, and anyone else who may share such remarks, that this country has a proud tradition, being the envy of the world by having at its head the Queen and the Royal family.

HM the Queen has devoted her entire life to service and her commitment and compassion is unquestionable. Likewise, HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, has been exemplary serving this nation of ours during the Second World War and subsequently been a great ambassador, promoting his award scheme and active involvement in numerous charities and organisations.

There are not many who can lead by such example and measure up to these standards throughout life.

Funding of the Royal family is essential to enable them to perform the duties and functions demanded of them. The income this country derives from worldwide interest and tourism far exceeds the amount contributed by its taxpayers. Therefore material towards national interest and prosperity.

They must come to terms and accept that being a member of the Royal family deserves and naturally attracts a certain lifestyle compatible to that status.

God willing, in the fullness of time, we will witness ongoing succession in representation of this proud nation.

Arthur Pattison