Our infracture can’t cope with immigrants

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One of the election pledges from the Conservatives is to “reduce immigration to the tens of thousands each year”, exactly the same pledge they made in 2015, 2010... in truth at each election for the last 33 years.

Meanwhile, the actual figure stands at about 300,000 per year (source: BBC news item).

Leaving aside questions of race, the biggest problem with such levels is where do they all live?

How can our NHS, transport and other infrastructure cope with such huge numbers?

As we in UKIP say “it’s a question of space, not race”, and, bluntly, the space is running out.

The Tories are full of failed election pledges, the Labour Party doesn’t seem to have a clue on maths (Diane Abbot?) and the Lib Dems refuse to recognise the referendum result.

It makes me wonder how anyone could consider voting for them when UKIP, with a proven, fully costed manifesto, is also standing. Everything we’ve said, every promise we’ve made over the years has been honest and come to be a fact.

Obviously, the electorate don’t like truthful politicians – if they did they would vote for them in larger numbers.

Bryan Foster