Our children are the losers

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Councillor Peter Wood recently suggested that Labour councillors should help the Conservative Government to eliminate child poverty.

  His comments got me thinking – when was the last time a Conservative Government actually reduced child poverty?

 I know that when David Cameron came into power in 2009-10, children living in poverty numbered 3.6million. It now stands at 4.1million. Labour decreased it and the Conservatives increased it.

 Child poverty has been highlighted by Britain’s Children’s Commissions in a report to the United Nations. They stated children’s poverty was requiring urgent attention. Another report to the UN stated there had been no meaningful progress towards the reduction of child poverty. A legally binding target to eradicate child poverty by 2020 has been reneged on by the Tories. Instead it’s expected that, because of the Government’s policies, child poverty will increase by one million in that time.

 Minister Ian Duncan Smith has come up with a reprehensible solution to eliminate child poverty.

 He has moved the goalposts by removing any mention of the poor people’s family income and replaced it with gobbledygook. He’s been told by more serious voices that it’s obviously not credible to try to improve life chances of the poor without acknowledging the symptom of poverty – lack of money.

 Of course, the nation wants the books balanced. But when one of the richest countries in the world deliberately puts hundreds of thousands of children into child poverty – then who is Mr Osborne balancing the books for?

W Quinn