Our Armed Forces are being let down

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Needing help because of injuries and problems I received from my army service of 16 years, I decided to see what organisations could help me.

I read about Sunderland Football Club and also the City Hospitals making agreements and promising help. Yet just more headlines.

The council does not do any assistance, funding or housing. I was told that money is provided in the council’s health budget but it is not. I was told that area committees help veterans but they have never been mentioned in their minutes,

They help every other group but not veterans

I looked at what other organisations that signed the Armed Forces Covenant in Sunderland were doing and found only the GPs have done something recently to help veterans. Organisations like the university, colleges, police, hospitals, and others who signed it do not appear to be doing anything.

In a city with over 26,000 veterans, I struggled to find help at all. I found a voluntary organisation called The Sunderland Network to be the only help.

The Armed Forces have been called on to bury the dead, clean our streets, fight fires, deliver petrol, help out in floods, clear roads, deliver water in drought, dispose of BSE cows, and anything else that is needed of them, including worldwide humanitarian work.

Yet all politicians pay us is lip service and let us down.

There are over 50 MPs that are ex-services and over 70 in the House of Lords. They should hang their heads in shame.

The Armed Forces Covenant is a farce and should be ripped up and a new legally enforceable law made.

Well resourced national organisations are out of touch but still get funded. It is time to stop this insult to our men and women.

It is 100 years after “The War to end all Wars”, when we were making a “Land Fit For Heroes” and we are still letting our armed forces down.

James Cummings