Optimistic for Fulwell Community Library’s future

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Can I please thank all concerned with the successful opening of Fulwell Community Library.

My thanks to Her Worship the Mayor, Doris McKnight, and her Consort, Author Sheila Quigley, who graciously attended, all the Fulwell Councillors, Francis, Howe and Beck, who supported the library, Councillor John Kelly for his help, the volunteers who gave their time and effort over the last two weeks in a frantic rush to see the library open and operating.

We have all missed the library and it is marvellous to see the atmosphere over the last week as the community pulled together to launch this venture.

We were interviewed for radio and the interviewer said he thought the buzz in the library was tremendous.

Others have also commented on the same and the library has been well used.

The opening was rushed but went off really well and this was due to the spirit of our volunteers without who this would not be possible. So many people gave their time and effort to ensure we started on the right foot.

I am truly optimistic for the library’s future.

Richard Beck