Open borders are a bad idea

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Never has there been a greater need for the British exit from the EU than now.

To look at the disarray and indecision of the political structure of the EU is frightening to say the least, that these bunch of incompetent and crass people are trying to define how we should be governed. Through their naivety, and living in a total fantasy world, they thought a borderless union of countries would work. Whoever thought that up apparently still has their heads up the darkest part of their anatomy.

These people who are pouring into Europe are not refugees, they are economic migrants, the true refugees are the poor people, displaced and living in camps on the Syrian border countries.  

Allowing these people unchecked entry into the EU is going to create what the old leader of Libya threatened to do. He – Colonel Gaddafi – called it the ‘Islamic Trojan Horse’ and if the fact that these people are predominantly Islamic do not ring alarm bells, then god help us.

If anyone with a bit of historical knowledge knows, this same type of hand wringing and indecision, plus petty differences, will cost us our way of life in the not too distance future. Remember Istanbul was once Constantinople.

IW Pallace