Only the rich will get fat

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Sunderland council leader stated (Echo, November 30) that plans to cut local authorities public health funding would put lives at risk.

This is a reasonable assessment of a diabolical situation brought about by a callous Tory Government.

Already the continuous cuts, year on year, by a slash happy Chancellor is diminishing the ability by the council to supply their residents with the service they deserve.

Mr Osborne is simultaneously picking the pockets of the vulnerable, which forces them to seek help from the council.

Unfortunately, they find themselves between the devil and the deep blue sea, because of council funding cuts many will be unable to receive any aid.

There’s no end in sight to the misery.

When the Chancellor was shamed into ditching his tax credit cuts, it didn’t signal the end to austerity – quite the opposite. The Chancellor’s other money spinner for the Treasury coffers is called Universal Credit.

This wheeze is very efficient at removing money from poor households.

In 2020, more than three million families will lose £1,000 per year.

A low earning couple with three children, where one parent works full-time and the other part-time will lose £3,060 per year. A single parent with one child, working part-time on the minimum rate will lose £2,800 per year.

As a consequence on Christmas only the rich Tories will get fat and George Osborne will try to swipe the proverbial penny from the blind man’s hat!

W Quinn