One law for the rich ...

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The Government Trade Union Bill imposed on the workers has diminished the right of the employee to negotiate a fair deal from a bad employer.

This policy confirms my previous comments (Echo Letters, September 4) that the Prime Minister and his ilk are systematically depriving working people of their entitlements.

The bad news for the poor is David Cameron has been interfering with the legal system to the detriment of ordinary folk.

He has brought in a court charge which is of no problem to the affluent but a big worry for those short of cash. It’s one law for the rich and one for the poor.

This court charge stipulates that if a person is found guilty after pleading innocence the charge could increase to ten times higher!  

The concern is that an impoverished defendant could plead guilty to a crime he did not commit, in fear of paying exorbitant costs. The charge is immovable and even if you go to prison for failure to pay it’s not cancelled. The debt collection is out-sourced to private companies.

The judiciary are reporting a clear influence on pleas and are requesting negotiations to discuss a review.

I wish them the best of luck in their endeavours. They are going to need it in trying to get pig headed David Cameron to change his mind!

W Quinn