Now we can start again

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So we see that Sunderland win once again. How? We voted leave while Newcastle voted stay.

Even the definitely undecided man that was in charge, Mr Cameron, called it wrong.

It all started a few years ago when he promised the people of Britain a referendum if he was elected.Subsequently, he was duly elected, conveniently forgetting about the referendum until he needed another election win.

As we all know the Tories won a second election, whereupon Mr Cameron stated that he would not stand for a third term, thusly burning his boat so to speak and here he came down on side of the ‘Leave’ team, announcing a In Out vote for June 2016.

My thoughts on the subject is we can now begin to take laws, borders and the like back and rejoin the EEC, as we did in 1973 and just trade with the rest of Europe because you just cannot imagine France not wanting to sell us their wine and cheese or Germany not wanting to sell us their cars or sausages, can you?

Alan ‘The Quill’ Vincent