Not surprised at death rates

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I was not surprised to read in The Sunderland Echo (December 29) that Sunderland is the lung disease death-rate capital of the North East.

Parents and grandmas smoke near their children/grandchildren and even over babies and toddlers in prams and pushchairs.

Staff leave stores and building societies to smoke near shoppers and many smokers walk with lit cigarettes, putting people’s clothes and skin at risk of being burned.

They smoke in the bus queues at Holmeside where you have to move away from them or else your hair and clothes stink of smoke or you are breathing it in.

Some people at the bus stop have COPD even though they have never smoked and they certainly don’t want to be subjected to this.

Then you have the people smoking in the bus shelters and at Park Lane Interchange, but the council refuses to fine the culprits and staff turn a blind eye to what is going on.

This happens every day in all parts of the bus station and the law-breaking, anti-social people range from pensioners at the National Express end to younger ones all over the interchange.

There is no consideration for others and no pride in the city.

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