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Had to laugh at Dave Jones column (February 20) where he related a conversation he had with Gary Neville, who told him that Man Untied enjoyed playing at the SoL because the crowd went quiet after 15 minutes and they’d nearly always leave with three points. Dear me.

The reason they won most of the time when Neville played was because Man United had a better, far more expensively assembled team, than Sunderland’s continually unambitious and abysmally assembled sides (Reid era excepted).

Maybe Dave Jones should ask Gary Neville, the managerial genius of Valencia, why, at the time of writing he has never won a match in Spain, and how Barcelona outwitted his tactical acumen 7-0 recently?

Neville is, surely, finished as a high-profile pundit after proving it’s easier being a TV studio know all than a manager in the real football world.

Tom Lynn