Not all dogs bite people

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Excuse me Ray Alsop and your response to the man arrested when his dog bit a woman in South Shields, what planet do you live on?

Your remarks are way out of line.

I’m a responsible German shepherd owner and 99% of dogs are fine in public, it’s the one per cent that bring all dog owners into disrepute.

I do actually put a muzzle on my dog (Ben) when walking in public places, not because he is dangerous, it’s a control muzzle.

Yes I agree with having to get a dog licence but who is going to enforce the law?

The police haven’t got the man-hours and the council – no chance.

In all my years of owning German shepherds I have yet to see a dog warden in Sunderland.

As I said before 99% of dog owners are law-abiding people.

My dog is microchipped as the law requires.

He is perfectly safe on a lead but because GSDs are used by the police and armed forces as guard dogs some people are wary of them.

It would be very interesting if the police or Sunderland council checked on every dog owner to see if they are microchipped or not.

Who has the power to take away dogs that are not microchipped?

So please Mr Alsop, it’s not the dog it’s the owners who are responsible

You cannot muzzle every single dog, it’s not feasible,not every dog goes around biting people.

Scott Andrews,