North East junctions cause ‘perfect storm’ for motorists

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The most busiest and dangerous road junctions in the North East are the A690 Durham Road and A19 dual carriageway in Herrington.

A junction of eight dual carriageway slip roads and two single lane junctions in/out Durham Road/A690 for Sunderland.

It has had countless remarking and rebuilding to increase capacity together with a cluster of traffic lights that stop traffic at every set 24/7 for safety reasons, which have worked well as far as bus crashes are concerned.

The southbound slip off the A19 has been upgraded to a second A19 both alongside each other, which significantly increases traffic speed on the new ‘A19’.

The north bound A19 slip road under Highways England has both lanes marked for Sunderland, while Sunderland Council has marked the A690 Durham Road roundabout centre lane only for Sunderland. You now have two lanes of slip road traffic on collision course for this only lane.

HGV/articulated waggons use the left lane for turning right into Sunderland, and almost a U-turn into Doxford Business Park, doing so they sweep all vehicles to their right off the road.

Traffic approaching the A19 junction from Houghton Cut pass a highways roundabout layout sign that for 20 years fails to illustrate the Doxford Business Park dual carriageway access, while a following sign vaguely points to the top right for Doxford International/Park.

Combining the two must send strangers down the southbound lane of the A19.

There is no warning that the turning off the roundabout for Sunderland/Durham Road/A690 is the only single lane exit, and to survive you have to be in the outside lane immediately before turning off. Unfortunately, you might have some idiot to your right in the middle lane marked for Doxford Park, who suddenly drives into you as they try to access the same single road.

Finally, add in a very frequent mix of high speed emergency vehicles, fire, police, ambulance 24/7, all racing through a packed traffic mix and you have the “perfect storm”.

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