No room in our city

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I always vote Labour but I have serious misgivings on hearing that a branch of the new Momentum group may be set up in Sunderland.

The former national vice-chairwoman of this group, Jackie Walker, was suspended from the Labour Party earlier this year for making contentious remarks regarding the Holocaust.

She was subsequently re-instated although she says she has never apologised, and now there are reports that she’s been at it again at a fringe event during the Labour conference last week.

Among other things, Jackie Walker has said that Jewish financiers were behind the slave and sugar trade and she has opposed Holocaust Memorial Day on the grounds that it only commemorates the persecution of Jews and not other minority groups.

I find these remarks totally unacceptable.

Hitler’s aim was to wipe out the entire Jewish population in Europe and six million Jews died in unspeakable circumstance at the hands of his henchmen.

It is right that we remember what happened and make sure it never happens again.

I am proud that my city was open to Jews fleeing persecution in the 19th century and that we had no truck with the Fascists in the 20th century.

I suggest there is no room in Sunderland in the 21st century for a group with a national organiser who has such abhorrent views.

There should be no room in the Labour Party for her either.

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