‘No evidence of vaping as a gateway into smoking’

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The key issue is not how many children try vaping, but how many vape regularly, and how many having tried vaping, go on to smoke tobacco cigarettes (Teenagers who use e-cigs ‘more likely’ to smoke tobacco in future August 18).

We know that 97% of vapers are adult current or former smokers.

There is no evidence of vaping acting as a gateway into smoking.

If there were smoking rates would be rising as vaping has become more popular, instead smoking rates are at their lowest levels, including among children.

The UK currently has the second lowest smoking rates in the EU. A point supported by the authors of this research.

Currently there are 2.9million vapers in the UK, of whom 1.5million have given up smoking completely.

Far from being a gateway into smoking, vaping is increasingly being recognised as a gateway out of smoking.

Richard Hyslop,

Chief Executive,

Independent British Vape Trade Association