No English Parliament

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Scott Andrews (September 21) complains that the ‘English’ Parliament is holding Scotland back and is ignoring the will of the Scottish people.

May I point out the obvious, in that England does not have its own Parliament.

The fact that the UK Parliament sits in Westminster does not make it English, and this has been demonstrated numerous times in recent years.

Wasn’t it Scottish MPs who colluded with Labour to force tuition fees on English universities?

How about when patients living in England were denied free prescriptions or the life-saving drugs freely available in Scotland?

Truth is, England is the only home nation not to have a say on devolution, again, a result of the collusion between Scottish MPs and the anglophobic Labour Party.

Sadly, none of the three main political parties believe in equal political representation for England, which is why we will continue to be treated as second-class citizens as long as they hold on to the reins of power.

M Brown