NHS spending is a travesty

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The politicians of all parties regularly complain about the cost of the NHS ,and say how they are going to control the spending,well how do they explain these facts.

The NHS has paid nearly £2billion in redundancy settlements, to 50,000 managers, over the past six years. Yet many of these poor managers have been rehired,after pocketing the cash and still take home large salaries.

To emphasize the point consider Katrina Percy,who recently resigned as chief executive of Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, after increasing criticism of her executive administration. She was rehired immediately as “strategic adviser” on the same salary of £190,000 per year with £50,000 paid into her pension.

There is little money to spare to pay the front line workers who keep the NHS going,so the suits say,but they can still find money to reward managers.

When will some government take care of this travesty?

Jack Wiffin