Nexit is to blame

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For the last five seasons, around this time of the year, the long suffering supporters of SAFC have read the same statements from various managers and players: “Don’t panic , we can turn these results round”, “we have to cut out mistakes” etc, etc.

Unfortunately, all concerned at the club never learn and this year I am sorry to say there will be no miracle. The main reason is the result of the Nexit ( Newcastle Exit ) from the Premier league.

The last four seasons, Sunderland has only survived by the generosity of points donated by our local rivals.

I believe that we were given quite a few millions of pounds for surviving last season.

Where has it been spent? Why could we not attract decent players?

Why did we haggle over a paltry £5m fee for one of last year’s top players and lose another decent player?

Newcastle and, of course, the failure to buy a decent partner for Defoe just beggar’s belief.

Miss T Ryman