New layout is confusing

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Like all Wearside motorists, over the last two months, I have been getting used to the new lane markings between the Grindon Mill and the Broadway Roundabout.

The inside lane from both the Grindon Mill end, and the Broadway Roundabout end, towards the lights in the middle of the two, are both marked with single white dotted lines.

Surely, this single white dotted line should be at least a solid white line or even a double solid white line, with a no overtaking sign to accompany the markings.

This is because both lanes, adjacent to this lane , are priority lanes in the opposite direction, with possible stationary traffic or on-coming traffic.

If a stranger to the area decides to overtake from the inside lane, there is a great possibility of a head on crash, from a vehicle, coming in the opposite direction, in the centre lane, where he has the right to be, ready to turn right.

I hope you can understand what I am trying to describe.

Dave Winter