New hobby is a real treat

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Christmas and New Year holidays have gone, that means I am back on track with my cooking.

The first thing I will make is apple crumble and the other will be meat pie.

When I started this cooking lark some time back, I bought myself a notebook and I’ve been putting recipes into it from my Bero recipe book, and also when I buy mixes from Tesco, for example bread mix, I’ve been copying them from the back of the packets into my notebook. That means I don’t have to read the instructions from the back of the packets all the time as the instructions to follow will be in my notebook.

The things I will be making are sponge pudding, spotted dick, bread and butter pudding and meat and fruit pies.

I am now starting to enjoy cooking.

Sunday is the only day I will cook as I have other hobbies I like to practice.

There are other puddings that I would like to try to make.

There is one in the back of my mind and that it Cumberland pudding.

Edwin Robinson,