Never felt excluded

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I would like to ask Colin Brook, of Revitalise, who wrote to the Echo recently about the provision of disabled facilities at Premier League football clubs, how many fans he spoke to?

As a 27-year-old wheelchair user with cerebral palsy, who has been a regular attender at the Stadium of Light since 2008, I did not recognise the picture of exclusion that he paints.

Every time I go to a match, the stewards, programme sellers and everyone I come into contact with is friendly and helpful.

I, and other disabled supporters who I know, certainly do not feel excluded.

I know that SAFC is working to increase its provision for disabled people, because in 2011 the club approached me and asked me to work with them and the Premier League in increasing disability awareness, and I regularly monitor their facilities.

How many clubs, for instance, provide a sensory room for severely disabled fans? This came about after the family of a disabled supporter made a suggestion to the club.

Mr Brook appears to have based his conclusions on the statistics of places available to disabled supporters. But statistics are not everything. They fail to take into account the ethos of the club, the welcome and the match day atmosphere. I have certainly never felt excluded.

Lynn Mearns