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On Wednesday, October 21, I attended a public meeting regarding the closure of Sunderland Royal Hospital Breast Care Service. The meeting was well attended and well organised by the SOS (Save our Service) Breast Care Action Group.

Sunderland lost its Breast Care Service in December 2014. The Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) explained at the meeting that the closure was because of breast cancer consultant difficulties and shortages of visiting consultants from other neighbouring hospitals.

I found it difficult to understand why, after 10 months, there didn’t seem to be signs of replacement consultants, and why the specialist nurses left Sunderland Royal, changing contracts permanently to work at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead?

There were various promises made by officers of the CC Group, but there doesn’t seem to be much movement to fill the breast consultants vacancies and the vacancies of breast care nurses.

Why should patients suffer inconvenience and stresses caused by such changes and delays?

We need our breast care service resumed ASAP.