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I recently read an article about the worst place in Britain to do business, and lo and behold, Sunderland was among the worse. It came as no surprise, considering how the shopping centre has been declining for the last 25 years, due largely to the incompetence of this council.

How can a council make a loss on parking?

This was highlighted last weekend, the traffic wardens were out in force around the Empire area, giving out tickets to diners and church-goers alike. This is not the way to encourage people to visit the town (sorry city).

Surely, there should be some leeway over the weekend to encourage people to come and spend. If people in Sunderland want a good shopping centre, you had better think twice at election time.

The council could build an underground car park on the old leisure centre, entering via Chester Road and exiting on the same level as Debenhams.

What about the £3.5million to be ‘wasted’ on High Street? Today’s shopping is done under cover, not in wind tunnels, like we had to contend with prior to The Bridges.

J E Pallace