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My grandmother is recovering breast cancer and has to attend the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead for her treatment and review visits, despite living in Sunderland and living near Sunderland Royal Hospital where we did have breast care services before closure.

My family understood that Sunderland Royal Hospital had to close its breast surgery service shortly before my grandmother took ill, but we read in the local newspaper that a new service was being developed in Sunderland which would enable new patients to go for a diagnosis and patients already suffering and recovering breast cancer could expect to use this service for follow up appointments in the future.

My grandmother doesn’t have a car and relies on other people to take her for appointments.

Travelling to Gateshead is quite a distance when you are ill and travelling tires her out.

She hates this journey to Gateshead when we have a hospital on our doorstep which did provide breast cancer services for many years.

Can the powers that be inform patients if Sunderland is going to have this new provision which was supposed to open in April of this year?

Tired of waiting