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I continue to read letters which seem unaware of the reality of life after Brexit, despite the impact the June vote has had on the economy.

A recent front page article stated that there will be no future investment by Nissan in the Sunderland plant while uncertainty about what Brexit will mean persists.

I was shocked when I learned that my home city had voted to leave Europe, knowing that 30,000 jobs at Nissan and its suppliers are vital to the local economy.

Liam Fox, Secretary for Trade, let an email slip out recently, later withdrawn, which made reference to trading under WTO rules, and not the single market.

In order to secure those Nissan jobs, the people of Sunderland should be lobbying hard to ensure we retain access to the single market if the PM does take the decision and actually invokes Article 50.

Without all the EU funding the city currently receives (and not guaranteed by the chancellor) and without Nissan, the future for Sunderland looks grim.

We need to make sure no deal is done which restricts access to the single market.

Gillian Telford