Nature does what it wants

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My heart goes out to those in York and other places who have had their homes and businesses destroyed by flooding.

Of course, it’s that hypothetical bogeyman ‘climate change’ to blame, as usual. It gets you thinking though, if climate change is a modern phenomenon caused by our excessive way of life (and can only be ‘solved’ by more taxes), what caused the great flood of 1771?

The region’s rivers were all massively affected by the torrential rain which fell. Every bridge bar one was washed away on the Tyne, including the old Tyne Bridge. Elvet Bridge in Durham lost three arches and mills and houses were destroyed on the Tees.

There were no cars, aeroplanes, bulbs, TV stand-by lights or any of the other things we blame for alleged climate change in those days.

It’s time to accept that nature does what it wants and there’s nothing we can do about it. There have been extreme weather events all through history and they’ll continue to happen long after we’ve gone.

It’s typical human arrogance to think we can control and change nature. The best we can do cope with it.

Elizabeth Evans