My good deed of the day

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I always find it’s nice to come across something different in this life.

If opportunity presents itself I try to do a ‘Good Deed of the Day’, for anyone as it happens.

This week it happened, and surprised me.

I usually park my car outside my home, and on leaving it on Monday I noticed a plastic card on the ground; picking it up I saw it was an AA card.

These past few weeks I have considered joining the AA, old age and ailments prevent me changing a wheel etc and seeing the card made my mind up.

Though I thought it probably belonged to someone nearby, it would take ages to find them, so on ringing the AA, and joining I asked for the address of the owner of the card.

For security reasons it was not given, so I said ‘give my phone number to the owner to ring me and collect card’.

I thought it might take a few days.

I surmised the owner would be glad to retrieve it as it was still brand new.

Within five minutes of my putting the phone down there was a knock at my door.

Thinking it was a postman or hawker, I opened the door to find my next door neighbour asking for his AA card with a pleased look on his face.

A happy ‘Good Deed of the Day’ for me and quite a surprise.

John Stott