Music should be encouraged in Sunderland

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I had the pleasure of singing with The Sunderland Singers at its annual concert recently.

I want to draw attention to two soloists, brothers Harry and Peter Toulson, who play the saxophone. They were brilliant.

Colin Short our choir master has always encouraged young people.

We have our main soloist Martyn Parkes, a brilliant pianist who brought these lads to play for us.

In the past he’s brought tenors, bass, sopranos and altos of a young age, all talented, who went on to do better things.

I would appeal to any parents or young people who read this letter to consider joining, if not our choir then something similar.

The pleasure and experience they get shall be immeasurable.

Young people should be encouraged to take up singing or play musical instruments.

Much is made of sport, why not music?

Alan Hutchinson