Mr Blair is truly divisive

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Tony Blair a truly divisive yesterday man and is a fundamental and staunch EU advocate.

He will open up the wounds of those who voted to remain in the EU instead of calling on the people to go forward with a united country and for its people to build a strong, independent and sovereign nation.

Mr Blair is doing what the EU hierarchy is renowned for – to bully countries of the EU that vote against adopting EU rules and treaties and that is to force them to keep having ballots until the people vote the way the EU wants them to.

Look no further than Ireland and Denmark, who had to hold numerous referendums for the same EU policies and treaties. Treaties which have been tweaked here and there with different words used and minor adjustments made along with dire EU warnings of doom if its diktats were not implemented.

Tony Blair wants to set up a new institution for the purpose of changing people’s minds and keep Britain in the EU.

There is one institute where Mr Blair would be well placed and we know which one that would be.

Who is paying for the services of this politician, who’s politics have made him a multi-millionaire?

Linda Hudson