MPs are not listening

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With the election imminent, we should remember Ms Phillipson, Ms Elliot and Mrs Hodgson and their stance on the EU referendum and the lack of respect shown to the people of Sunderland by these three.

Time and again they have put their own agenda before the people who pay their wages.

From boots on the ground in Syria, to the vote on leaving the EU, they are so far from the general public it’s unbelievable.

They will oppose and obstruct leaving the EU every chance they get regardless of what the voters want.

Let’s face it rather than admit to being out of touch with the voters of Sunderland they decided to blame Mr Corbyn and stab him in the back.

No matter what you think of him, Mr Corbyn is a decent and honest person. He may be lacking as a leader, but he deserved better from his MPs including Phillipson, Elliot and Hodgson.

People would have thought more of them if they had quit Westminster altogether, but that doesn’t happen now – no honour.

Let’s have pay-back time and put UKIP into Westminster to ensure our vote on the referendum does not end up that watered down it’s worthless.

We need to be rid of the EU.

It’s funny how once we leave we find out just how much public money has been signed away by successive governments.

We the public were never meant to find out the cost of being in the EU.

Mushrooms kept in the dark and fed a load of bull, while billions given away to EU projects. That’s how we’ve been treated.

Let’s have pay-back and good riddance to these three.

Richy Mackem