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I refer to Gerrard Blake’s letter regarding pensioners and the unemployed.

He seems to think pensioners have had no input of any value to society. Well, I am an old lady pensioner who began work during Second World War. Life was not easy then, rationing of food, clothing, household goods, just enough coal to keep one small fire going, no central heating then. Everything in very short supply. We also had frequent electric cuts to save fuel and beside all this, air raids and total blackouts.

We lost family members in warfare, who did not choose to join the forces, it was compulsory, but most went willingly feeling it their duty to do so. Girls from age 18 were also conscripted and went into the forces or land army, lots were sent to munitions factories and had to leave the comforts of home, family and friends.

A lot of these people are still living, a lot lost their lives.

So Mr Blake you have them to thank, as we all do, for the privilege of living in this free and wonderful country.

I think we have all paid our dues.

I do hope when you retire you are fit enough to put your words into practice, but judging from your crass letter I suspect you are all talk and no substance.

Old lady taxpayer