More balance is needed

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Development firm Siglion has been assigned to regenerate Seaburn. That is the area between Morrisons Supermarket and Dykelands Road, extending west to Seafields housing estate.

Plans project mixed use – hotel, leisure, retail elements, apartments and housing, the extent of which portrays a heavy concentration of development within a confined area, restricting open-space for recreation which should be a priority. Relocated car parking will become pay and display.

Consensus is that the aim is to create business opportunity beyond what is desired, and it is reasonable to assume that operators of the numerous restaurants and other entity already in existence, will be apprehensive about the competition.

Acknowledging that Seaburn is traditionally on the map for leisure, the question arises as to how apartments, buildings and housing can be an attraction to visitors?

There is a real concern too that the volume of traffic will cause the junction of Lowry Road and Dykelands Road to become a bottle-neck with serious congestion.

While it is accepted that certain parts need regeneration, particularly the site of the former fairground, it has been urged that the issues outlined receive due consideration to make for greater balance.

Arthur Pattison,