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I was shocked to learn that the Breast Care Service in Sunderland is no longer in existence.

I was a patient in 1998 and the care I received then was second to none (all at Sunderland, except of course radiotherapy at Newcastle General, who had the machines then).

My initial appointment was quick, all the tests were done quickly, and surgery followed 10 days later. This, in my opinion, was a first class service.

Surely, we can attract some consultants to Sunderland Royal – other North East hospitals appear to do so.

The withdrawal of this service is just not good enough, plus the additional tragedy of the loss of our Breast Care Specialist Nurses, now also transferred to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead.

Come on ladies, let your voices be heard for the return of our excellent Breast Care Service to Sunderland. No one would choose to travel a distance for treatment at this traumatic time.

We have a huge hospital and deserve our breast cares services to be based here.

Norma Black,