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Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to appreciate the support you receive from your loved ones.

Commercial gifts aside, it helps you say those things that otherwise might go unspoken in the midst of everyday life.

For couples caring for seriously ill children this is more important than ever.

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity supports more than 1,900 families who are caring for a child with a life threatening or terminal illness. The pressure this brings to parents is unimaginable as they support each other through an onslaught of practical and emotional challenges.

Rainbow Trust helps the whole family in whatever way it can. It might be looking after the sick child to enable parents to take a break and enjoy a meal together, or helping parents talk about what is happening to their family and the impact this is having on them as individuals and as a couple.

This Valentine’s Day I am asking readers to make a donation to our charity, which relies almost entirely on voluntary donations. Please donate £5 – the cost of a Valentine’s box of chocolates – to help Rainbow Trust support even more couples.

To find out more about Rainbow Trust and make a Valentine’s donation visit or call 01372 363438.

Anne Harris ,

Director of Care at

Rainbow Trust