Majority of us want to leave

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The letter regarding the EU written by Mr Quinn was interesting.

It is true Edward Heath got us into this questionable union, and later Gordon Brown signed us into the Lisbon Treaty before the Tories took over.

Obviously, Mr Cameron wants us to stay in the EU which means giving away all our rights and helping to remove the nationhood of our country.

As Mr McCardle says, keeping the extra gravy train for MPs etc.

V Skouris, President of the Court of Justice, got £402,000 in a year and President J Junker got £342,000 and that is just for starters.

If, and when, the UK leaves the EU it is true that it will collapse.

How could it continue without the money we put into it?

It has been proved that we will not gain any concessions and that we cannot have control of our borders or governance.

The majority of us want to leave the EU.

Our next worry is the voting system (if) and the possible corruption of the same.

Marjorie Matthews