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As a regular reader of the Echo, I get tired of reading about Sunderland Council complaining about the lack of money, threatening to close facilities and making tough choices.

Well, I have some good news for councillors, tough choices are not required as there are a vast amount of easy ones that could be made. As one of your correspondents pointed out the other day, they are wasting money all over the place.

For a start they could get rid of seven of the eight huge grass cutters that come charging down our close to cut four or five scraps of grass therein. They could also equip the driver with a five quid brush rather than a multi-hundred pound petrol blower. They could also stop the annual ritual of butchering the shrubbed areas down to ugly gnarled stumps, a more pointless and futile waste of other people’s money would be impossible to dream up. It is too late for Washington. It has been permanently ruined due to extremely poor horticultural practice.

Money is also wasted on pointless obstructions put into roads not built to take them, increasing the risk of accidents. Money wasted on traffic lights on roundabouts, which were never needed in the first place and serve no purpose other than to cause traffic jams.

I could go on but I doubt it would make any difference.

I Scott,