Looking for Samaritans

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On Saturday afternoon (February 13), my mam had a fall at the bottom of Blandford Street in the centre of Sunderland.

She is 82 and was very shocked and confused after the fall. So much so that she couldn’t remember where she lived for a while.

A lovely gentleman and a lovely lady (not related to each other) stayed with her until she gathered her senses and then they took her home.

She has fully recovered and is left with only a few bruises.

However she, and all of our family, would love to say a big thank you to these very kind and thoughtful people who gave up their valuable time to help a total stranger.

The problem is we don’t know who these “good Samaritans” are, as mam, in her confusion, didn’t get their names.

So if anyone can help trace these people, or indeed if they themselves can see this, then please get in touch.

Maurice Alderson,