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Alan Brown begins his letter (April 20) attacking the Tories by stating they have made cuts “but at the same time giving MPs an 11% pay rise” .

Not a good start to his letter to include this inaccuracy. It is The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority that awards pay increases for MPs not the Government, Tory or Labour.

Mr Brown then claims “bus passes, free TV licence and the fuel allowance will be hit”.

The same Labour scare stories that were used in 2010 and 2015 and were subsequently proved to be false.

He claims the poorest workers in the country have been hit by this Government.

Four million people have been lifted out of income tax altogether.

From April 2017, the Government will have cut income tax for 31million people, which means a further 1.3million of the lowest paid are taken out of tax altogether.

It was this Government that introduced the new living wage.

The number of people in employment is up 315,000 over the past year and up 2.8 million since 2010. That’s 2.8 million with the dignity of earning a wage. The number of people unemployed is down 106,000 over the past year and down 925,000 since 2010.

Don’t be driven by dogma. Look at the facts.

Alan Wright